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In the face of exponential data growth, and increased infrastructure complexity, IT leaders are under constant pressure to do more with less. You need solid enterprise capabilities that are built for midsize businesses. The kind of hybrid cloud operations that enable you to manage, move and protect all your data seamlessly, while delivering greater resiliency agility and efficiency than ever.

Industry analysts IDC highlight how the VSP E series is redefining the meaning of midrange storage, providing midsize operations with more cost-effective power, features and functions than ever previously available.

IDC Market Spotlight

Midrange storage comes of age.

IDC says the VSP E series enables midsized companies to grow and innovate faster, and more effectively. The storage platform supports a true ‘Digital First’ approach based on integrated applications, data and analytics. And this can be achieved without huge IT operations, time-consuming and costly resources or specialist skills.


Sharp. Fast.

To remain competitive, with a sharp operational edge, today’s midsized organizations need aggressive service levels, deeper insights and faster reaction times.

The VSP E series helps you set new benchmarks. It helps you meet business objectives. With absolute confidence. And all while easing the burden on operational staff.

By 2022, 55% of organizations will have expanded resiliency plans to help future proof their businesses.

IDC Market Spotlight. Sponsored by Hitachi, February 2022

Helping you thrive and grow.

The transformation of the digital world is well underway – and at the risk of falling behind, it’s essential to stay up to speed. Embracing digital technologies, as a core strategy, will lead to long term success, market growth and powerful innovation potential, says IDC.


By 2022

65% of global GDP
will be digitalized

$68 trillion

By 2025

$68 trillion will be invested in
digital transformation


By 2023

Half of companies will generate 40% of revenue from digital products and services

$68 trillion

By 2025

$68 trillion will be invested in
digital transformation

Take the quiz to assess your
‘digital first’ readiness:


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As your business needs change, will your data infrastructure keep supporting you?

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Great start! The pace of business change is only accelerating around the world

IDC research shows that those organizations that have successfully integrated digital are in a strong position to keep winning.

You’re doing well so far. Loads of businesses fall at the first hurdle. But there’s more…

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There’s more you can do, but don’t be discouraged.

IDC research shows that companies that turn their focus towards a ‘Digital First’ approach based on integrated applications, data and analytics have the best chance of improving their business performance.

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Could you tolerate downtime
as you migrate data to a new platform or technology?

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These days, it’s not just unexpected outages that IT teams need to protect against.

The need to move data, keep information available and manage dynamic IT environments means that planned outages are a regular feature.

If you’re already managing ‘self-driving’ storage management, then you’re one of the better prepared businesses out there. But in our experience, there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to optimizing data migration.
Discover what IDC has to say.

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Unsurprisingly, planned data migrations can cause a big headache for midsized businesses.

In this report, IDC shows that the safe movement of data is all fully allowed for and built in.

IDC predicts that there will the $68 trillion of direct investment in digital transformation from 2020 through 2025. So the need for simple, secure planned data migration, without downtime, is greater than ever.

With a comprehensive set of storage services, Hitachi VSP E series offers simple, cloud-based automation that helps you create an efficient mitigation plan, to avoid downtime and speed results.

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Have you already started investing in automated data management?

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Great move.

As midrange storage evolves to deliver a high-performing, secure, flexible infrastructure, a key foundation for scalability is a significant investment in management and automation.

This makes it simpler for your IT generalists to deploy, integrate and manage even the most complex solutions.

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The value of midrange storage systems is that they are full of great features and capabilities, and highly flexible in configuration.

Are you using automation to handle workloads previously only associated with high-end storage systems?

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Ready for your next move?

For any midsized company looking to transform their existing data storage infrastructure, to improve accessibility, capacity and performance, non-disruptive migration will be a key focus. As will automated data management, intelligent tiering and integrated protection.

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IDC Market Spotlight

How midrange storage tackles underlying complexity.

According to IDC, “Hitachi Vantara brings its high-end heritage to midrange storage systems.” Find out how.

In my experience, Hitachi provides the most reliable storage systems, and that provides me value on which I can base our growing business.

Steen Jensen, CEO, Netic

Learn how Hitachi’s outstanding availability and performance became critical success factors for this Danish hosting provider.

Midrange storage for midsized companies

Join IDC and technology experts to discover how the VSP E series solves the significant infrastructure challenges faced by many midsized organizations today. This webinar covers issues ranging from industry trends driving storage change to planning for increased data growth, new uses for data, and meeting greater demands from the business.

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Overview of expertise and what they will cover in this webinar.

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