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Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces are emerging all around us, becoming safer, more sustainable, and improving our experience, while driving efficiency.


Why Are Smart Spaces Better Spaces?

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

  • Optimize layout, staffing, schedules and more based on new insights.
  • Combine physical and digital world data to identify waste and savings.
Maximize Safety

Maximize Safety

  • Get situational awareness and real time alerts to keep spaces safe.
  • Utilize robust analytics and dashboards to enhance health and safety.
Enhance Experience

Enhance Experience

  • Gain robust insights about the uses of physical spaces, behavior and activity.
  • Rapidly adapt to changes and preferences, while testing responses to changes.

Smart Spaces Are Everywhere

Industries like retail, cities, manufacturing, campuses, and transportation are becoming smart spaces, to improve health and safety, operations, and customer experience.

  • Commercial and Industrial Spaces

    Commercial and Industrial Spaces

  • Smart City Spaces

    Smart City Spaces

  • Safety and Security for Spaces

    Safety and Security for Spaces

Factories, industrial sites, and campuses gain new insights from smart spaces.


Smart cities are improving quality of life, safety, and sustainability.


Ensuring health and safety is critical for all spaces.


Customer Stories

Learn how cities, companies, and organizations are becoming smart spaces to improve their operations and safety.

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