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Lumada Video Insights

Transform video into insights, combined with internet of things (IoT) and business data to gain comprehensive intelligence for your operations or business.

End to End Insights from Video
Hitachi Video Analytics and 3D Lidar

Computer vision AI transforms video and lidar into business, operational, and safety intelligence.

Hitachi Visualization Suite

Unify disparate systems for real time alerts and holistic insights from video, IoT, and business data.

Incident Management Archive

Archive and manage all digital files by case for accidents, injuries, and crimes.

Multifeature Video Search

Neural net-based search for attributes and features without using personal data.

Build Smart Spaces

Blend IoT, 3D lidar, and video sensor data to gain operational and safety insights in your space.

Manage Your Unruly Video Data

Gain built-for-video solutions - video is unpredictable, depending on variations in scene and lighting, massive volumes of data stream at incredible speeds.

  • Hitachi Visualization Suite

    Hitachi Visualization Suite

  • Hitachi Video Analytics

    Hitachi Video Analytics

  • Hitachi Multifeature Video Search

    Hitachi Multifeature Video Search

Unite video, IoT data and analytics for alerts, insights, and tools that help you take smarter actions to improve safety and operations.

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Improve operations, customer experience and security by transforming video into actionable insights and real-time alerts.

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Search high volumes of video based on a combination of over 100 attributes and appearance, without personal information.

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We bring technology and services together to help you meet your desired outcomes. Get in touch with our experts to start on your digital journey to transform video, 3D lidar, and IoT into insights that impact your business for the better.


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