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Video Intelligence Devices

Increase security and operational intelligence with proven edge devices. Gather video and IoT data and analyze, store and process – all at the edge.

Insights from Video Intelligence

End-to-End Video Intelligence

Building a video intelligence system requires the right data management infrastructure, analytics and applications, smart edge devices, and integration services for your existing assets. We’ve got you covered throughout your video journey.

Product Listing

  • Hitachi Edge Gateway

    Hitachi Edge Gateway

  • Hitachi Smart Cameras

    Hitachi Smart Cameras

  • Hitachi 3D Lidar Sensor

    Hitachi 3D Lidar Sensor

Hitachi Edge Gateway

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Hitachi Smart Cameras

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Hitachi 3d Lidar Sensor

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Get Smart on the Edge

Intelligence is shifting to the edge, improving latency, insights, privacy, and transmission costs. You’re welcome.

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