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Innovations From Hitachi

Hitachi Vantara Labs works with emerging infrastructure technologies and research and development groups in multiple industries to create innovative approaches that keep you ahead in the big data world.

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Ken Wood - VP of Hitachi Vantara Lab

Ken Wood, VP of Hitachi Vantara Lab

Ken is dedicated to leading the organization to the next level of innovative thought leadership in advance analytics and IoT leveraging the entire Lumada portfolio. His expertise comes from working with Hitachi’s R&D and strategic organizations.


With the newly integrated Deep Learning engine of TensorFlow with Luamada Data Services (Pentaho Data Integration) has created a capability we call "Extract-Transform-Machine-Learn" or ETML. The advanced combination of Data Flow and Extract-Transform-Load with Machine Learning libraries like R, SciKit Learn, Spark MLlib, DL4j, TensorFlow and Weka, gives ML Engineers and Data Scientists a unique tool for developing Artificial Intelligence based applications and workflows easily and seamlessly.

UCP and Deep Learning Performance White Paper here

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