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Lumada DataOps Suite

Accelerate digital innovation through advanced insights based on trusted data. Deliver AI-driven automation and collaboration, across multicloud, core, and edge. Establish the DataOps practice.


Build a Modern DataOps Practice with Lumada

DataOps (intelligent data operations) is data management for the era of AI. Lumada DataOps Suite helps you modernize your data practice for more agility.

15x Productivity with Automation
Use ML and rules automation to replace manual steps across data management.
10x Faster Production Deployment
Activate frequent production deployments through automation and collaboration.
3x Improvement in Pipeline and Data Quality
Automated metadata management, wisdom of crowds, and pipeline monitoring.

Innovate with Data

  • Lumada Analytics

    Lumada Analytics

  • Lumada Data Integration

    Lumada Data Integration

  • Lumada Data Catalog

    Lumada Data Catalog

  • Lumada Edge Intelligence

    Lumada Edge Intelligence

  • Lumada Data Optimizer for Hadoop

    Lumada Data Optimizer for Hadoop

  • Pentaho Enterprise Edition

    Pentaho Enterprise Edition

Empower users to visualize and analyze data and embed impactful analytics in everyday workflows - with minimal IT support. Delivered by Pentaho.

  • Embedded analytics and ML

  • Ad-hoc analysis and self-service

  • User centric reports & dashboards

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Ingest, blend, cleanse and prepare all data, orchestrate data flows anywhere. Delivered by Pentaho.

  • Fast data onboarding

  • Lightweight for data self-service

  • Easy data pipeline orchestration

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Secure sensitive data, infer hidden relationships, and accelerate data self-service.

  • ML-driven Metadata Discovery

  • Data Lineage Automation

  • Sensitive Data Management


Power actionable, real-time insights and IoT edge-operations data management.

  • Bridging OT-IT Data

  • Real-Time Responsiveness

  • Streaming Data Management


Reduce Hadoop costs with an intelligent data tiering solution for seamless HDFS access.

  • Intelligent HDFS Tiering

  • Usage and Business Policies

  • No Impact to Business Apps


Lumada is built with Pentaho Enterprise Edition. Learn about Pentaho and download free 30-day trial.

  • Proven and trusted technology

  • Enterprise scale and security

  • Open source foundation

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How About a Demo?

Lumada DataOps Suite - Demo

Contact us to experience Lumada DataOps Suite in action – see an end-to-end demo across analytics, data integration, and data governance.

See the power of Lumada DataOps Suite in action See the power of Lumada DataOps Suite in action

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