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A New Era In Autonomous Commerce Is Here

By Michael Donahue

Check Out Hitachi’s Grab-N-Walk Out Solution at the NAMA Show from Aug. 18-20

In today’s fast-paced world of on-demand, at-home shopping, patrons of traditional brick and mortar drug, grocery, or convenience stores are often there for the ease of the grab-n-go experience. Small purchases, long lines or complicated self-checkout counters don’t equate to a smooth experience – consumers just want to grab what they want and go. That’s where autonomous shopping comes in.

In a recent US survey conducted by our product aware technology partner Shekel Brainweigh:

  • Over 74% of shoppers said they would definitely or possibly shop at an autonomous store
  • Convenience, variety of goods, and speed were their top reasons for using an automated shop, followed closely by 24/7 availability and privacy

The death of brick-and-mortar retailing has been overstated
In wake of these trends, automated shops have been growing in popularity around the world. In fact, a recent survey found that despite COVID-19, over 68% of people said they would shop in-store more or about the same as the year before, and 90% of people would return to the store if they had a good experience. The industry is not dying, it is evolving. Retailers can win the brick-and-mortar game by reimagining the in-store experience, leveraging both in-store and online retail to focus on each of their strengths, and embracing the data-driven approaches that have made online shopping so compelling.

People used to use the phrase “shop ’til you drop.” Today, consumers want the ability to “shop as they want, for what they want, where they are.” And now they can – without even stopping at a cash register.

In partnership with Shekel Brainweigh, Hitachi Vantara can provide retailers with a critical option for shoppers that gives them the privacy they demand, and the convenience they expect. This re-imagining of the shopping experience is welcomed by customers, who have changed their behavior since the pandemic. Shoppers want a frictionless shopping experiences that lets them buy items without waiting in lines.

Want to check out Hitachi Automated Shop in person? We’ll have a live demo at the NAMA show in New Orleans, August 18th – 20th along with Shekel Brainweigh, at booth #2220. Come see us there and stay tuned for more on our autonomous shopping technology!